Balance: Is Gaming Getting in the Way of Your Responsibilities?

on 10/19/2013 - 11:32 pm


In one corner, the desire for all things fun and entertaining: Gaming! In the other corner, weighing heavily on your shoulders: Responsibilities! Who will win this fight? Stay tuned.

During our childhood, we had little responsibilities. The biggest decision of the day was what to get for lunch and our biggest challenge was getting up for school. As a child we all had no worries, no stress – just fun. We could play video games after school for hours, fascinated and immensely entertained by our games. Our parents might have told us to go outside, get some sun. Well, that’s when you pulled out your Gameboy and headed outside. Ah, the days of adolescence.. life was good.

We grew up, and something happened. At the age of 16 most of had to start working for our money. Our time became limited; we had to commit our time to something other than gaming. We spent a couple of hours a day playing; it cut into our studying time. Our grades slipped. Our parents weren’t happy with that, so they blamed it on your time spent playing games, and rightfully so. What did they do? They took away your game system until you got your grades up. It seemed like there just wasn’t much time to play at all anymore.

And then..

We grew up even more, and reality hit: the responsibilities after our teenage years. Most of us have jobs, the lucky ones at least. The ones that don’t are endlessly trying to find one, though it might be futile. Some of us are married, some aren’t. Some have kids, some don’t. The thing we all have in common is that we all have responsibilities to uphold. Gaming cannot be the first priority in life anymore.

Those who have jobs, well, they are the people that have to put work before play. Maybe, if they are lucky, they will be able to get a solid four hours of gameplay a week. If not, something might have came up. Maybe the children got sick, or the car needed repairs. Either way, there’s just not enough time for gaming anymore.

Those who don’t have jobs spend their time looking for one. Unfortunately, with this economy, the future doesn’t look so bright. They could spend their money on a new video game, but that would mean not being able to pay the next utility bill. Perhaps they could get some extra cash by helping out a neighbor, but that would take time; time that could be spent playing some video games.



See, what we all have in common as we get older is our responsibilities grow. It’s up to you to balance your life. You have to figure out what your priorities are, what is important and what is not.

Those of us who pick gaming as a priority probably aren’t doing too well. Perhaps they sacrificed having a love life, or they didn’t devote as much time as they should have to get that promotion for their job. The ones who pick gaming, they are sucked into virtual reality. A shame, a life wasted on the illusion of another world. A world that they sink themselves so far into it eats into their life, their real life, and requires them to sacrifice something for an object.

Those of us who pick responsibilities might be better off, or might not be. Maybe they are content with less gaming, and more work. Maybe they are satisfied by caring for their spouse, and taking care of their family more than their desire for some ‘me time’. Or, maybe they put too much emphasis on the responsibilities they assume they must uphold. Perhaps they put too much time into work, so much time that it causes them to slowly hate their life. They didn’t think that too much work could be a bad thing.

See, the key to life is balance. Balance your responsibilities with your gaming fun. Leaning too much to responsibilities could cause you to burn out, or start to despise life. On the other hand, leaning too much to gaming fun could cause you to lose sight of reality and what is truly important in your life.

All that I ask of you is to have balance in your life. Think of your priorities, and see if they are in check. If not, make changes. Balance responsibilities with gaming, and you will live a life full of happiness.

Writer Tjark Hartmann

Artwork by Emortal982 on DeviantArt